On July 2012, I began bidding everyone farewell. Nearly three weeks were spent on finishing all my tasks in the office, spending as much time with family and friends (which meant eating and drinking!), and sorting all of my things into piles of to-keep, to-give, and to-go.

Leaving the country I lived in for 27 years gave me this huge picture filled with laughter, tears, friendship and love. At one point, I was in utter disbelief that the people I consider my good friends felt the same way. And my family really really loves me! HAHA! It’s bittersweet that I’d realize that during the last weeks of my life in the Philippines.

90% of my books I had to let go 😦
Surprise gifts from office friends
A farewell wouldn’t be complete without food!
Lunch/Dinner with some college friends, some friends from Davao and friends in the office.
Dinner and cocktails hosted by my second parents
Drinks with my siblings and cousins (on different nights, including the night before my flight!)
Dinner with my first and second family ❤

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