Igniting the Christmas spirit

So many tragedies have happened in the past months: devastating earthquakes, hurricanes/typhoons, senseless killing of the innocent.

These tragedies can discourage us, weaken our spirit, and make us ask God how He could allow these to happen.

Instead of asking God or, worse, blaming God for these tragedies, why don’t we ask ourselves what we have or have not done.

Have we done our part to help minimize climate change?
Have we done our part to make the people around us feel loved?
Do we respect one another regardless of race, age, gender?
Do we lead others on the right and just path?

God doesn’t give us a burden that we cannot carry. Instead of turning our backs to God in the midst of a tragedy, why don’t we keep on hanging on to Him and have faith?

There are still things to be thankful for. No matter how small or seemingly mundane it is, there is still something we can thank Him for.

With Christmas coming, let’s not forget why we celebrate this holiday: Jesus was born to become the savior of mankind.

Thank you, God, for Jesus Christ.


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