First birthday in New York

I felt truly blessed on my 28th birthday. One: I finally celebrated it with Edward. Two: I was lector at our parish church during the Sunday mass.

It may seem mundane to some, but standing there by the podium and preaching God’s Word is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to read the Sunday mass Bible readings for a congregation. To be given the opportunity to do that is a blessing. And to preach God’s Word on MY birthday is, to me, a living testament that God is with me. It’s amazing.

The rest of the day was a battle with cold winds and grocery shopping. Applebee’s provided for our nourishment and extra calories. Cajun chicken with shrimps, white peach sangria and chocolate mousse made my tummy do backflips in sheer joy. Ed had the sirloin steak (of course he did), and we shared boneless chicken wings in BBQ sauce. It was a treat for our palates.

Last agenda for the day was to cater to my domesticated self. We went grocery shopping, then I prepared and marinated pork and beef for tocino and tapa, respectively. Dinner was baked tilapia fillet in soy sauce. I love baking my food because I can just leave it inside the oven to cook and almost always doesn’t require oil. Effortless AND healthy. 😉

This was a quiet birthday for me, but definitely filled with so much love. I wouldn’t want to trade this for anything in the world.


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