Vacation and weddings

So I have only 2 weeks left before I start working again.

I’m excited and at the same time wishing I have more time to be lazy and hangout in Manhattan before I am officially employed. Haha!

I’ll work at home, and may go to Peoria in Illinois as needed (all expenses paid by the company!). I have no idea if I need to go to Peoria on or before my start date. I wish they’d let me know soon.


This year, there are 3 of us in the family who’ll get married. Edward and I have finally decided on holding our church wedding in October. I’ve been planning like crazy! Thank God for advancement in technology and for staff members who are cooperative and respond right away. Thank God, as well, that my mother-in-law is in Manila right now. We can arrange payments through her help. It’s VERY stressful to plan your own wedding remotely.

Yes, I’m planning a church wedding in Manila from here in New York.

Challenge accepted!


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