Creating my own monsters

I’ve always been hard on myself. When there’s a lot of work cut out for me, I feel so much pressure and stress when in fact I could take it easy.

I always think that I can do extremely well with whatever endeavor I choose. I guess that’s why I feel a lot of pressure whenever I work on something, and I get really cranky whenever my work output is not at par with the standards I set for myself.

Take this wedding planning I’ve been doing. I was focused on what we don’t have yet, and it took all of my husband’s convincing powers to keep me calm and see what I have accomplished so far.

  1. We have a church now.
  2. Caterer and reception hall will be reserved before the end of the week.
  3. We found a photo & video provider.
  4. We’re finalizing the details with the florist.

That’s a lot, considering I’ve done all this planning remotely!

I really should learn how to look on the bright side of things. In less than a week of planning, we’ve covered most of the essentials. That’s a feat in itself.


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