Working remotely

So this seems to be a year for working remotely.

The project I’m part of is based in Illinois, and I’ll work from New York.

Our church wedding in October will be in Manila, and I’m planning it from here in New York.

The pressure is on! I’ve been stressing about the wedding planning since we started on it last week. Finding the right supplier is not easy. Thank God my brother’s married and his wife knows a lot about suppliers and enjoys planning an event such as this.

So far, we’re still within budget and hopefully we won’t go overboard. Here’s to wishing!

What we haven’t confirmed yet:

  1. Photo/Video provider
  2. Florist
  3. Invitations printer
  4. Bridal car
  5. (If the budget will allow) Photo booth
  6. Spirits/liquor/beer

So far, we have a prospect for #1, #2, and #3. Hopefully we’ll be able to book them all before the end of January.


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