I’m officially a US tax payer!

Today I started going back to the grind. I arrived at the office for the orientation at 7:45, 45 minutes ahead of time. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the building where Accenture is located here in NYC is just across the street from the LOVE sculpture.

You can say I was culture shocked. Accenture in a first world country is truly different from one in a third world country. There’s the automatic toilet flusher, the automatic soap dispenser and automatic faucets on all three sinks in the restroom, and free hand lotion! Hahaha!

And for lunch? Buffet. We had boneless chicken barbecue, salad, mac&cheese, grilled vegetables, bread and butter, a huge platter of cookies and small slices of cheesecake, and a bowl of assorted fruits. In the Philippines, we get served lunches in separate styro packs and, for dessert, small pieces of a local chocolate. That’s definitely a far cry from the first-world version. Hahahaha!

The orientation group I belonged to was specific for experienced new hires. That’s the only thing I had in common with them: Experienced. All of the attendees were either consultants or managers. This was the most interesting New Joiners Orientation I attended, because finally I had a better look at what Accenture is as a business with all its different facets. Back in the Philippines, I had a glimpse of how Accenture works in a general sense, but I was focused on and more exposed to the Application Outsourcing side of things. The work that the consultants do is interesting, but it’s something I am not keen on doing in the next ten years. Teehee.

So today marks the day I officially became a US tax payer. And superwoman.

I’m now a wife AND a career woman.

Bring it on!

Photo Jan 21, 2013, 6-43 AM


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