Challenge accepted!

I realized I haven’t spent enough time for myself since I started working from home.

Everyday feels like a marathon, and everyday it feels like there isn’t enough time. It’s only been recently when I became more conscious with striking a work-life balance, and it’s one hell of a challenge.

That’s the rationale behind my blog title. Striking a good balance between work and personal life was easier when I was still a single lady living on my own in the Philippines. Now that I’m married, I find it more difficult. This time, I’m responsible for keeping the home clean & in order, and I need to make sure we have warm food for both of us. That’s on top of a fairly stressful work in Application Outsourcing. Thinking it over, I now have a more profound admiration for working moms and working wives who don’t have the luxury of hiring help. The scenes from the movie I Don’t Know How She Does It plays in my head whenever I need to handle household chores amidst a tiring workday. Somehow, it gives me that little push to keep going.

I’m not complaining. In fact, it’s a challenge I whole-heartedly accept. I know it seems crazy that I’m saying that, but I’ve always flourished in an environment with challenges. In the midst of challenges, I know I have the opportunity to be better at what I do and at the same time develop skills that I lack. That’s the reason I’m enjoying everything I’m doing now.

And seeing the smile on my husband’s face is another.


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