First Vday

He loves to tease me, and our first Valentine’s Day was not an exception.

On the 13th, coming home from work, he told me to open his bag. I took out a Dove chocolate rose and exclaimed: “WOW!”

He said: “It’s from my boss.”

DOH! Hahahaha!

And then he said there’s something else. And deep within the bag is a heart-shaped red velvet cake. I was immensely pleased.

On the 14th, he was unusually late. I thought that he couldn’t have gone out to get me a Valentine’s Day gift because he gave me one the day before. There could have been a train and/or bus delay. When he finally came in through the front door, he was carrying a white box. Inside were three edible red roses on top of a huge round mocha cake. I was truly overwhelmed. It was too much sweetness, literally and figuratively. I prepared a special dinner of sirloin steak and prepared baked fillet of sole for his lunch the next day. It was my Vday gift to him.

On the 15th, we went out for hibachi, one subway station away via F train. It wasn’t a fancy dinner, and it didn’t matter to us. We talked and laughed and held hands. It was more than I could ask for.

To the man who continuously looks for ways to make me happy, to the man who patiently listens to my stories, to the man who cradles me in his arms during my not-so-good moments, to the one man that I love: You are everything to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love you


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