Of wrist tags and funny doctors

I’ve been worried like crazy lately, and diverted my stressing tendencies to my work.

Today, I addressed the worrying and finally faced the doctor. I didn’t have a choice, anyway, because the appointment was set a month ago 😉

With a wrist tag that easily came off, I laid on a bed with one of my twins exposed to the “outside world”. The doctor and sonogram technician kept things bearable by chatting with me, and the nurse kept me calm throughout the 5-minute ordeal. Administering the local anesthesia was a prick, and the clicking sound of the instrument kept me jumpy. The doctor did it 4x and I was still jumpy until the end! The local anesthesia hasn’t worn off yet, but my Tylenol is ready to work its charm if needed.

No lifting for 48 hours. The dressing must be kept dry for 4 days (bathing is going to be fun).

And this should be included in the after-procedure guidelines too: Keep your spirit up and do not worry about the biopsy.


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