On the verge of spring

I wanted to catch the blooming of the cherry trees in Central Park, so we headed to the park after a failed attempt at visiting the Game of Thrones exhibit (a line that stretches the entire 57th Street-6Ave block all the way around until 58th street-6Ave is too much).

Cherry Hill was still bare, along with the majority of the grounds in Central Park. But the few flowering trees and little patches of flowers here and there were sufficient to lift our spirits. The sun was warm enough to keep the cold breeze at bay, too, so strolling (hand in hand) was fun.

There were a flurry of activities all over the park: from young and old musicians playing violin/guitar/saxophone, to tots playing with large bubbles. Besides the scenic landscape, children running around and adults lounging and laughing under the sun while splayed out on the green grass was a sight to behold after the dreary winter cold.

Here are my favorite photos of that Saturday in Central Park.


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