The perfect Filipino word for me is “mababaw”. Literally, it translates to “shallow” in English. (Off the top of my head, I don’t remember the proper English word or phrase for what I mean to say.)

I am mababaw because I am easily pleased. I laugh at the corniest joke. I don’t need to receive expensive jewelry and designer clothes, bags & shoes to feel that someone loves me.

I am mababaw.

Tonight, when my husband asked me out for dinner (a rare moment on a weekday), he made me choose the restaurant. Only one thing came to mind: Arby’s!

*jumped up and down with excitement*

It didn’t matter to me that we dined in one of the many fast food chains here on a rare Friday night out. I was just excited to get a bite out of their roast beef n’ cheddar sandwich. And we had an Andes mint-with-chocolate-swirl shake, too! Happy tummy, indeed!

It may not be a 5-star restaurant with waiters at my beck-and-call. I didn’t mind.

I’m mababaw.

Totally unrelated (or not!), here’s a picture of my dream-come-true footwear, which we got $30 cheaper. Coz my feet perfectly fit the kids’ size! Ha!

Photo Apr 5, 2013, 7-51 PM


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