Leave work in the office

One of the tips that I heard (and read) to combat stress is to not bring work home.

I wonder: How will I do that when I’m working at home?

I’m buried in a funk again. I don’t feel as enthusiastic and happy as when I started working. Being at home 24/5 is (honestly) boring. There’s no one around to talk to (as in face-to-face and not just online). I have ZERO friends because, let’s face it: How will it be easy for me to make new friends when I’m cooped up at home everyday?

When I was still in Manila, working at home was viewed as a privilege, something that we hoped to do. Now that I am working at home, I’m not sure if I still want this.

I do have the option to reserve a space in the NY office, but it still won’t be my desk for the duration of my employment. It’s not the same.

So much for “leave your work in the office.”


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