Procrastinating blogger

I’ve learned a few things in the past month and I’ve been procrastinating like a kid, not just with blogging but with my chores at home, too! I’ve dealt with the laundry after nearly two weeks (thank goodness!) and now I’m dealing with the long-overdue post.

Here are the things I learned in the past month:

1) If it seems greener on the other side, it doesn’t always mean you’ll be happier there than you are now.

2) If you do go to the other side where it looks greener, be prepared to sacrifice A LOT. Deal with it.

3) What you want NOW may not be in His plan yet. Pray for understanding and acceptance. You’ll be alright.

4) Challenges will always come your way. It’s up to you to tackle them head on and get past them, or keep complaining and do nothing. The pile of dirty clothes won’t clean themselves, will they?

5) An achievement becomes extra sweet when you put in that extra effort. You won’t get a 100% in the pre-learner’s permit exam if you won’t study the manual thoroughly.


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