Dear John Legend

I’m Rizza (Twitter: issanggutierrez). Even though I’ve been listening to all your albums since 2007, I won’t claim that I’m your #1 fan. I’m sure Chrissy Teigen takes that spot.

I only want to thank you for the two songs that I’ve declared as part of the official sound track of my relationship with my husband.

Living 8,317 miles apart for nearly three years was not easy. He was still my boyfriend at that time. You were right: there were heartaches and pain. But we made it through that long distance relationship. We believe in our love for each other. We know that what we have is beautiful and divine.

Since getting married and living together, we’ve only gotten stronger. We’re on our way to celebrating our second wedding anniversary this year 2014. I love him with all of me, and I give my all to him. I know he loves me with all of himself, and gives all of himself to me, too.

Thank you for “Stay With You” and “All of Me”. These songs are constant reminders that despite any dark cloud, we will love each other and stay together.


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