Shining, shimmering and splendid

Aladdin on Broadway will open on March 20, but the previews have started on February 26. We watched the Feb 28 show at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

To huge fans of the movie: Don’t expect the cartoon version to come alive on stage.

I’m not saying the show was not great. What I’m saying is the Broadway production of Aladdin is an entertaining musical comedy on Broadway.

It’s the theater version, not the cartoon version.

Yup, there is a difference.

Aladdin on Broadway was truly a magical experience: from the smoke machines and “disappearing acts”, to the costumes and set design. I love how I can clearly see the difference between the marketplace and the palace in Agrabah. I can tell that everyone behind the set design planned it well. I must say, though, that from where we were seated (Balcony D104 and D103) I felt that the stage was a bit bare at some part in the show. It’s probably because of our vantage point. I did love the palace set. It looked very intricate.

The costumes? Man, those crystals were a sight to see! Everything was shining and shimmering, and they were indeed splendid. The costume of the tap dancers in “Friend Like Me” was my favorite.

Singing along the familiar songs was fun, and the songs that I heard for the first time at the show were also good. Of the new songs, my favorite was “Proud of Your Boy”. I felt the emotion in it. Of ALL the songs, of course, “A Whole New World” is my favorite. And the way the play interpreted it was enthralling. It ABSOLUTELY was. I had a smile on my face that entire time. That was the most magical moment in the entire show.

If you’re in NYC, watch this show. You won’t regret it.


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