I Do

I feel sad whenever I hear stories of married couples who want to end their marriage because they’ve fallen out of love or have felt neglected by their partners.

I think that a married couple should realize that getting married is not the ending to their love story. It is not the ending to the courtship and their struggles when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend.

I think that a couple should realize that getting married is only the beginning of a life-long challenge to keep the romance alive, to keep the promises exchanged during the wedding day. It is a challenge that CAN be won, and the prize is a life of happiness and love with each other.

I remember, back in Manila, how I used to spend time with my closest friends, whether over lunch or dinner, and just talk about what’s going on with our lives or have meaningful conversations about anything. Through those lunches/dinners, we’re able to reconnect and keep the friendship despite the different career paths we’ve chosen. I think marriage should have that. A married couple should not skimp on having meaningful conversations with each other because (1) it helps give an insight into each other’s minds (unless they’re both mind readers), and (2) it helps strengthen the bond between them.

Believe me. Meaningful conversation goes a long way.

I know I’m not a licensed marriage counselor and I haven’t been married long enough to share lessons or tips to make a marriage last. But I do know that marriage takes a lot of work. My family didn’t let me forget that before I got married. And I’m not going to forget it.

Marriage can be a lot of fun. Just don’t forget to work hard to keep the marriage fun and full of love.


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