Before attending a conference in San Francisco, my college best friend and his wife visited The Big Apple for 3 days. My husband and I had only one day free to take them around, so we took them to the usual tourist spots in the lower Manhattan area and midtown, including Times Square. Two of the places we took them were also a first for my husband and I, so it was a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of trip.

Connecting two boroughs

From Wall Street, we walked a few miles to see the Brooklyn Bridge. It felt satisfying to finally reach the bridge on foot. A National Historical Landmark, the Brooklyn Bridge has been connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River for more than a hundred years. Tourists can walk across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn (might take 40 minutes across, give or take time for picture taking), or take the subway to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park to get a view of the bridge over the river.

Besides the picture-worthy view from the bridge and the arches, the “love-locks” on some parts of the Manhattan side of the bridge are interesting, but something I’m not compelled to do with my husband.

An icon. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the US
Pedestrian and bike lane
Love-locks on the bridge

An Empire State of Mind

From the Brooklyn Bridge, we took the 6 train and headed to another iconic skyscraper in The Big Apple: the Empire State Building. We were in line for security and tickets around past 4 PM. By the time we arrived at the 86th floor, the sky was painted with hues of orange, red, pink, yellow. It was the best sunset I’ve ever seen! We saw the sky change colors until finally settling into an eerie darkness, with the glowing city below it.

Seeing the Manhattan skyline AND watching the sunset from up there made me love NYC more and more. My only thought while watching the sun setting: “Oh, God, this city is beautiful.”

It was truly an incredible experience. And I shared it with my love and my dearest friends.

These pictures are unedited and were captured using my Samsung Galaxy S4. It doesn’t do the NYC sunset justice, but I hope you get an idea.

Sunset view from Empire State Building
The new World Trade Center and Flatiron Building. And Lady Liberty standing way over the back


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