Reading slump

I participated in Goodreads’ 2014 Reading Challenge, pledging 20 books in 12 months. It doesn’t sound a lot, right? If I read at least two books a month, I’d complete the challenge before December.

Tomorrow is May 1st. I’ve completed 8 0ut of 20 books. I started reading my 9th book on the last week of March and I haven’t finished yet.


I don’t think the book is boring. It’s an exciting thriller, I must say. It’s just that for the last few weeks I’m too distracted to sit/lie down and read something substantial.

1. Jimmy Fallon is killing it on The Tonight Show. He’s too hilarious and sweet and adorable to miss.

2. I found Charmed on Netflix. ‘Nuff said.

3. I have yet to catch up on season 2 of “Once Upon A Time” on Netflix.

4. My kingdom needs pruning and challenges need to be completed in Tribez & Castlez on my iPad. LOL!

I know I should get on with my reading. And I think I should stop blogging and just finish the book. Twelve books remain unread, and there are only 8 months left in 2014.

It shouldn’t be difficult.

*fingers crossed*

Clue on what I'm reading (or trying to read)
Clue on my 9th book for the reading challenge

PS: I didn’t complete the challenge. I only made it to 11, I think.


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