Theoretical vs Practical

You may think you know because you’ve read about it in books.

Theoretically, you know all about it.

But when you’re put in the middle of it, when you’re living it, you realize you DON’T know anything.

In life, knowing the theory is never enough to understand how one thing works or how one thing feels. You’ll have to live through it.

When you’re lucky enough to go through something that you only read in books or hear from other people, you’ll start telling yourself “I know how that feels” instead of “I know that.”

There’s a BIG difference.

It makes you think about how many other things in this world you haven’t experienced, and how much you judge people so easily even if you haven’t gone through what they’ve gone through.

It gives you a different perspective.

No matter how elloquently the books describe it, they won’t provide the kind of knowledge that only practical application will give. Not everyone is given an opportunity to live through something that’s written in books.

I should feel lucky.

After I throw up, maybe.


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