Everyday miracles

For nearly three months, I was sick: headache, nausea and loss of appetite, occassional migraine, hyperacidity, sometimes constipation, and at some point abdominal pain.

In the afternoon of Aug 15, all of those awfulness went out the window when we saw him move his arms and hear his heartbeat 12 weeks into the miracle (We haven’t confirmed it, but I’d like to think this creature is male hihi!)

I can’t truly express how I felt when we saw the movement and hear the beat. I guess the simplest word is “happy” or “excited”, but those words just can’t capture how I really felt that afternoon. Other moms would understand what I mean.

He’s probably moving now while I’m writing this, probably tumbling around as if asking his momma to stop blogging and start eating something besides crackers. My husband’s teasing me that the little one could be imitating my actions of typing on the screen. Imagining what he could be doing in there gives us a sense of awe with the miracle of creation and of life.

Even after feeling really awful for nearly three months, I feel privileged and lucky and blessed that I have been given the opportunity to go through this experience that I only read in books.

We’re SO excited for the months to come!

Baby Pumbaa at 12 weeks

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