About tonight

Tonight is one of those nights when I feel irrelevant, when I feel stupid and useless and a good-for-nothing. Anything I do will never be enough.

I ruin a good day for everyone. I excel in that.

I guess I’m useful after all. I can ruin a great day with a few simple phrases and with the tone of my voice.

I’ll never be that superwoman who’s capable of doing anything.

I’ll always be that woman who destroys.


3 thoughts on “About tonight

  1. I guess there’s nothing left for you to that to be a woman who destroys those very negative things that you’re thinking. Similarly how life can change while your eyes are blinking, have confidence in your heart that God’s love will keep you from sinking.

    He loves you and has placed resources around to help build you up. We all have bad times of inward crimes but these only prime us for future bliss, because of a peace that we simply cannot miss.

    Praying for you.


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