Avent vs Medela

At 22 weeks, I’ve finished my spreadsheet of things to buy. I’ve shortlisted items that I think are reasonable enough to put on the registry.

My problem is choosing between Avent and Medela brand. Everyone I know prefer Avent, because they haven’t heard of the brand Medela. My husband took care of his niece from newborn until past 1-year old, and he used Avent bottles then.

Buybuybaby.com has tons of Medela products, and I love the idea of the Medela® Swing™ Breastpump and the Medela® Breastmilk Storage System (bottles will be coupled with the Medela® Calma® Breastmilk Nipple). The problem we have with the Medela bottles is we haven’t found a sterilizer that is like Avent’s microwave sterilizer, which we found is part of the Avent Essentials Gift Set. I did find the Medela® Quick Clean 5-Count Microwave Cleaning Bags, but the description says each bag can be used up to 20 times only.

Will the Avent storage bags (and bottles) work with the Medela® Swing™ Breastpump?

Or should I buy an Avent breastpump instead?


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