Baby Registry

There’s just A LOT of baby stuff out there. Shortlisting the things that we really needis difficult if I let myself be distracted by all those gadgets and tools.

I did manage to semi-finalize our registry, following the list I found in Target and Buybuy Baby. I didn’t write down everything in those list, just those that I believe we’ll really use in the following categories:

1) Clothing – most moms’ advice is to not buy a lot because babies grow quickly in the first 3-4 months. Plus, a lot of people get too excited in uying clothes, so no need to splurge own money for this.

2) Bath and Potty – Disposable or cloth diaper? I say disposable (sorry, earth!) I wouldn’tbe able to cope with the laundry if we go for cloth diapers. It’s one less thing to worry about for me. Maybe down the road when Isla has grown up a bit and poops less I’d think about switching to cloth diapers. Oh, and a changing table is something to highly consider. It’s not just a table to lay the baby on while changing diapers. It’s where I could organize all things potty. WillhVe to think about this, though, given the limited space we have.

3) Nursery – No more loose ends on this category. We both agreed to get a pack ‘n play with bassinet.

4) Feeding – Medela or Avent? We haven’t finalized this, although all moms I know recommended the Medela breast pump.

5) Health and Safety – I’ll be a work-at-home mom, and Isla will sleep with us in the same room, so I don’t really need a baby monitor. But I’m putting it on our registry. We’ll might actually need one. Haha!

6) Travel – We’ve also agreed on a travel system, one package that includes the car seat and stroller. What I haven’t decided on is the carrier. Should I get a cloth carrier? I’m too afraid to use it. What if I wrapped it wrong and dropped her?! (First-time mom worrier!)

Six tabs in one spreadsheet. Plus, I added another for Final Registry, where I listed the things we’ll be putting up in our registry at Buybuy Baby. I didn’t want to put EVERYTHING there. I still want US to buy some of the stuff for OUR baby. Haha!


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