The final stretch

I can feel (and see) Isla growing bigger. My back hurts more often now with the belly weight. I don’t feel big, though. I mean, I don’t feel fat. I hope it stays that way, that Isla will just keep growing without my arms and face growing fat as well. Haha!

Being on my feet for long periods of time has become a chore. “Long periods of time” translates to 30 minutes. I have to sit down for a while before I can go on. But being on my ass for a long time is also not good for me, which makes working 8 hours a day also a challenge. I need to get up every few minutes and stretch or walk around a bit. Otherwise, my back gets a good beating. My third trimester has just begun, and I know more aches and pains are coming over the next few weeks until it’s time to give birth. I’m dreading it and at the same time looking forward to it.

Crazy, right?

With every week that passes, Isla’s kicks are becoming more evident. It feels exhilirating, especially when she squirms or changes position. It feels so foreign, yet comforting. I’m glad she’s very active. It gives me an idea that she’s doing ok inside.

February 2014 is going to be an exciting month. I pray that everything goes well, without any problems or complications.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon, our little feisty star!


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