My little cheerleader

Must be true what parents say: that no matter how tired or stressed you are, that smile and/or embrace from your little one takes them all away.

I don’t see Isla’s smile yet, or feel her arms around my neck, but I do feel her strong kicks and jabs at my worst times. Isla’s timing is perfect.

My back has been bothering me since entering my third trimester. At some point last weekend, I kept thinking and complaining aloud how much difficulty I’m having. And then Isla starts kicking and squirming inside. Immediately, all the complaining went away and I started feeling better. Well, the backaches didn’t go away, but my negativity did. Instantly cheered up by the little girl.

This afternoon, ready to throw my laptop against the wall during a particularly stressful time at work, Isla started kicking and squirming as if in response to my growling (yes, I was growling while working). It’s as if she’s telling me to calm down and to try to relax. It didn’t take a lot of kicks and jabs for my foul mood to ebb away. Once again, my little girl kept me in high spirits until I finished that awfully long task.

With each day that passes, I’m learning to love my little Isla Laura more and more. It makes me so excited for that day when she’s ready to say hello to the world and squeeze my finger.

Approximately 11 weeks to go!


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