We’re almost there!

Isla Laura is at 32 weeks gestation. Six to eight weeks to go, and she’ll be in our arms! We’re so excited to see her face and her tiny fingers and toes. We won’t do the 4-D ultrasound, so her facial features will be a surprise for us.

I cannot believe it’s been 8+ months since we found out we’re having a baby. It felt like it was just last week when I’d complain about my morning sickness. Now, I feel Isla’s strong kicks and her occasional hiccups. I’ve seen and felt my deformed tummy because of her awkward positions inside. But I’m not complaining. I delight in her kicks and jabs. It’s how I know she’s doing well inside.

Work has been a challenge lately. When I’m too stressed, my abdomen begins to hurt. I feel tired early in the day. And my back gets strained often from the added weight. I just hope that I’ll be able to continue working until it’s time for me to go to the hospital to deliver Isla into the world.

Six to eight weeks. That’s all the alone-time my husband and I have. Those weeks will go by in a blur, I know. And I won’t do anything to prevent that.

See you soon, our Isla!


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