Any day now!

As I'm writing this, my baby and I have an estimated 26 days left until d-day. But, really, any day now is d-day!

January 31 was another false alarm for us. It all started with tummy aches, which led to vomiting. Went to sleep for about an hour, but the pain was still there. After eating what little lunch I could manage, we decided to go to the hospital. We found out I was having contractions that were 5-6 minutes apart. But after two IV bags in two hours, they went away. Cervix wasn't dilated, so I wasn't in labor at all. I didn't have preeclampsia. I was just dehydrated from vomiting!

Right now, I'm just glad Isla's moving regularly, kicking and making waves (literally). I bet she's excited to meet the world!

So are we, Love. So are we.



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