Baby out!

It’s been a week since my water broke. I can still remember the moments leading up to it, but surprisingly not the pain. I don’t remember it.

Not because I had an epidural.


I labored without an epidural or any form of pain medication. Not by choice!

We were in the hospital at 7:30AM on February 22, already 1cm dilated. But we were sent home and advised to come back when the contractions come in 2-3-minute intervals. We managed to hear mass at 10:45AM, buy some supplies in Rite Aid and takeout KFC lunch. Around this time, I was in more discomfort and surprised to feel contractions every 5-6 minutes. We managed to eat some lunch, and my husband took a nap after. I walked around and did what little chores I could to keep my mind off the contractions.

At 2:35PM, I went up to pee upstairs and was surprised by what felt like a balloon popping, followed by very little rush of water, which I thought was also my pee. But when I got up, water just started flowing without stopping. That’s when I knew it’s time.

When the doctor checked me around 3:30PM, I was 2cm dilated. But because my water broke, they brought me in to the labor and delivery area. At this point, I was told that the epidural will be administered when the blood test results come in. It took about an hour after that for the nurse to let me know that the ONE AND ONLY anesthesiologist available that day is currently in an operation and won’t be able to give me the epidural. But the doctor called a colleague to come and give me the medication.

I wanted to kill the anesthesiologist right then and there, if I could. And the nurses, every time they tell me “Breathe through it! Don’t push yet!” LOL!

Fast forward to 5:00 PM. The doctor told me it’s time to push. It was that fast! Even the nurses were surprised that for a first-time mother, my labor progressed quickly.

Fast forward to 8:00PM. Doctor could feel Isla’s head, but it was barely moving down with every push. I heard the nurses say that my contractions were not as powerful as they expected them, so they gave me Pitocin, the wonder drug that makes contractions come in shorter intervals. And without any pain medication, my body was too tired to give powerful pushes to get Isla out the old fashioned way.

With already three hours of pushing, the doctor informed us that they only allow a mother to spend that much time to give birth vaginally. The baby could go into distress if we prolonged it. I gave in to a Caesarian section. I was too tired. And I wanted to get a shot of anesthesia right away.

By 9:00PM, I was already prepped for surgery. At 9:41PM, we heard Isla’s cries. That was the happiest moment of my life.

With all that happened on February 22, 2015, I realized that no matter how well I plan (birth plan, schedule, etc) and regardless of what I want, it’s not up to me. If it’s God’s will that I go through something (which, I believe, He’ll never let me go through if He knows that I can’t handle it), then I will go through it.

And it doesn’t really matter how my labor goes. The important thing is our baby is here with us, with strong Apgar score (9/9) and no other complications found.

Thank you, God, for being with us through it all. And thank you, my dear husband, for staying by my side, taking care of me while recovering and for helping with calming Isla down. I love you!


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