Love-hate relationship

Being a new parent, there are more difficult days. But even if that’s true, the very few best days still outweigh the challenging ones.

I remember the first couple of days in April 2015. Our little one (who was 5 weeks then) was having a hard time. Would rather be carried and wouldn’t stay in her bed or her rocker. Had a stuffy nose, but hated the suction bulb. While she’s having a hard time, I’m having a hard time making her comfortable and calm, too. It was a very trying couple of days.

And then, one night, after a side-lying breastfeeding session, she stared at me. She put her left hand (well, her fist) in the middle of my chest and gave me this beautiful smile.

All my frustration and stress melted right away. My thinning patience and mommy morale was immediately replenished. I felt like a Superwoman again. It was as if she was saying “Thank you” for the last few days.

Being a parent is hard, but it is absolutely worth it.


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