The Battle of Avent

My baby girl’s mommy radar is up and running very well. At three months, she knows when I’m in the room or when I’m the one holding her.

When I’m back from an errand or an afternoon in the city and there are some bottles with breastmilk left in the fridge, I try to feed them to Isla before they spoil. But she won’t take it no matter how hungry she is.

I’ve tried passing her on to her papa or her grandma to be fed thru the bottle, but she still wouldn’t take it. Eventually, I’d give her the breast and she’d feed happily.

When I’m not in the room and I haven’t held her for about 30 minutes before feeding, she will take the bottle. I can’t speak or be in the room with her when she finally feeds from the bottle. Otherwise, she’d let the bottle go and won’t have any of it.

I work at home, and I’m going back to work on June 15th. Looks like I need to practice working on my laptop one-handed.


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