The postpartum story


February 22, 2015 is forever etched in my heart and mind. It’s the day I gave birthΒ to our precious baby girl.

It was a difficult labor without any relief from any painkillers (except when doctor finally decided to do a C-section). The recovery was another story.

I developed preeclampsia during labor and delivery. I was kept under close observation in the recovery area, hooked up to magnesium sulphate for 24 hours. It was an awful but necessary treatment, which left me with a very dry mouth and throat. And I couldn’t drink water. I was only allowed to chew on ice chips, but that didn’t really help. At one point during the treatment, my potassium level was low. The nurse gave me a cup of medicine to help increase the potassium level, and it left me with swollen eyelids. My liver enzymes were elevated for 4 days after delivery. I had to be on antibiotics 3 days after giving birth. The doctor had to hook me up to a catheter again, 2 days after delivery. All those were on top of recovering from the surgery. When I finally was able to pee on my own (and poop, too!) on the third day, it was the best feeling in the world.

The worst thing about those first 24 hours after giving birth was the fact that I couldn’t breastfeed Isla or just hold her whenever I can. They let me breastfeed her when I can, but not round the clock. I was literally lying in bed for 24 hours, no food or liquids passing through my mouth. It was a joy when I was finally allowed to eat and drink.

Those days in the hospital were a very challenging time for us. Looking back at that first week, I’m glad that my husband was there all throughout. And I’m blessed that God was there with us, too, keeping me strong for my baby, both physically and emotionally.


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