Better days


After riding a roller coaster of emotions, I finally had better days. The third week of October was filled with reasons to celebrate – my husband’s birthday, our church wedding anniversary, and Isla’s 8th month birthday.

We had a great fall weekend on October 17th. We went to one of our usual weekend destinations in Long Island – Shake Shack, and a few outlet shops. Food and retail therapy have always been effective in cheering me up! Haha!

My husband and I had an extended weekend. Not working on a Monday is ALWAYS a great thing. And Isla loved having both of us as playmates. We celebrated his 33rd birthday and our 2nd church wedding anniversary in a Japanese restaurant after hearing mass. Simple. Nothing fancy. Just the three of us. I felt really good that day. My husband and I had a few hours to ourselves during lunch while the baby dozed off. It felt like the old days when it’s just the two of us, going on dates whenever we want.

Three days after, we celebrated Isla’s 8th month birthday. Every month since March 2015, we’d go to church to hear mass as a thanksgiving offering and hold a simple family pictorial with cupcakes. Taking her 8-month old pictures was a challenge! She moves a lot now and is very playful. She’s a little bundle of energy.

Some days are blah. Some days are exhausting. Some days are fun. Some days are unforgettable. No matter how our days go, at the end of each day, we have one another.

I’m thankful that we have one another.


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