Christmas is near!

I was excited on Sunday when I finally had the chance to go to a Starbucks store to try one of their signature fall drinks. Yup, I didn’t hop on that bandwagon right away. I bought a tall salted caramel mocha, and was giddy like a child when I realized the red cups are back!

Christmas is near!

Oh, my favorite time of the year! The plastic Christmas tree is taken out of the box. Ornaments are put up. The days are shorter and colder. And it’s our Isla’s first Christmas. Yey!

And then I found out yesterday that Starbucks has been getting a lot of criticism from Christians for the minimalist design of the red cups.

I’m a Christian. A Roman Catholic. I wasn’t offended by this year’s red cups. In fact, I was delighted to see them! Red cups mean that the Christmas drinks are back, that Christmas is near!

If you’re angry about the way the red cups look this year, may I suggest that you reflect on what Christmas (or the holidays, if you prefer it that way) mean to you?

For me, it means going to church and singing praises for the birth of our Lord. It means spending quality time with family, maybe with a Starbucks drink in hand. Haha!


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