Little New Yorker

Watching the E train roll into the station


She's turning 9 months old soon, and we thought that it's time to initiate her into the NYC life by taking her to her first ride in the subway. Haha!

My husband had to run an errand in Forest Hills. I was going bonkers being cooped up at home for the past two weeks, so I told him Isla and I were going with him.

He didn't protest. I was pleased!

Donning jeans, white shirt, gray hoodie and boots, the little one rode the bus to get to the subway station and the E train in her papa's arms. She was quiet, looking interested in the new sights and sounds. She didn't cry out in fear or shock when the train noisily rolled into the station. She looked a bit stressed while in the train, but didn't fuss. She just sat on her papa's lap while looking at the door.

Her first train ride!


It was fun to watch how curious she was of everything around her. I wonder what she thought of her first ride. Did the smell surprise her? Was the train too loud? Did she enjoy it?

Whatever it was, I don't think she's scared of the train or the bus. She enjoys going out, whether riding in her car seat or not!

Taking the bus



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