Screaming at your baby

I'm going to be honest. I scream at my baby, and I feel awful after doing it.

I scream when she keeps crying and won't stop even when I've tried everything. I scream when I'm in the middle of a highly demanding task for work and she won't stop calling for my attention even when her diaper is clean and she's not hungry or thirsty. I scream when I'm so tired but she won't fall asleep right away.

I hate myself for doing it, but in the heat of the moment I can't stop myself.

I WANT to stop myself from shouting at her. I've read about the gentle parenting principle of L.R. Knost, but it's difficult to apply.

I can say I'm only human and I get tired or frustrated.

But I don't want to use that as an excuse to raise my voice when my baby is having a difficult time, too.

I want to find a better approach to handling a difficult situation. I want to be a better mother.

I will be a better mother to our child.


5 thoughts on “Screaming at your baby

  1. Hey girl, I understand 100% of what you’re going through I have the same problem and I found serenity in doing yoga and reading more parenting books.

    Whatever will help you… even just needing a friend πŸ™‚ Feel free to connect with me

    From a mother to another


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