Husband to the rescue

I barely slept last night. Our little one kept waking up in tears. Usually, giving her one of my boobs works. Last night, at past 2AM, she kept rolling around and crawling all over us after I gave her the boob.

I rocked her to sleep. She fell asleep. And then woke up when I put her down on the bed! My husband finally stirred and woke up after a third try, and told me to go to sleep and let him handle things.

Of course, I couldn’t fall asleep while Isla was fussing. I don’t know what time she finally fell asleep, but she still kept waking up every few minutes (or was it hours? I’m not sure!)

Thankfully, my husband is on a holiday from work today. He has taken over the reins after Isla had banana for breakfast. He’ll bring her upstairs in a bit to breastfeed, but at least today I have time alone to go through the motions of work.


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