My love-hate relationship with breastfeeding

I love breastfeeding. I really do.

I love how Isla and I stare into each other’s eyes as she breastfeeds and she gives me this sweet smile between suckles. I love how she goes into a deep sleep after nursing. I love how breastfeeding brings both of our tempers down when she’s cranky. Plus, she appears healthy!

There are just some days when I feel like all I ever did was breastfeed. Especially during the first 2-3 months. Even today, when she’s nearing 9 months, breastfeeding takes a chunk of my time.

When I think about weaning her, though, I feel my heart breaking a little. I don’t want to give up that precious and intimate time between just the two of us. When she’s ready to stop breastfeeding, that’s when we will wean from the breast. Until then, I’llย marvel at how breastfeeding has affected both of us physically and emotionally.

And here’s a photo of my Isla who has fallen asleep after a nursing session ๐Ÿ™‚

2015-11-16 12.37.18


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