Her first Thanksgiving

Back in our home country, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Christmas is what we look forward to, with decorations up and Christmas songs playing in the radio as early as September. Since we’re making a life here in the US, we’ve integrated US holidays into our family life.

For Isla’s first Thanksgiving, we had lunch with friends. It was a typical Filipino party, with roasted chicken and lumpia. She felt so at home, rolled around in their sofa wearing nothing but a diaper and her onesie! She didn’t eat much and was too stimulated to take a nap. We left the party early, and the moment I nursed her in our bed, she fell asleep and was like nursing on auto-pilot.

I spent the next 3-4 hours in the kitchen after she fell asleep. I prepared our first Thanksgiving meal as a family of three. Turkey was just too big so I roasted a chicken. I also prepared some roasted vegetables and creamy twice-baked sweet potatoes with crushed pecans. Isla had her share of the chicken, Β and had some rice, too (just like a regular Filipino. Haha!)


There are so many things to be thankful for this year. But what tops the list is my family. I’d like to say it can’t get any better than this, but I know that’s not true. There’s more in store for us. Exciting days ahead!


From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!



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