How $15 changed my world

Being a mother (or a parent, for that matter) is one of the most selfless choices a woman can make (if not THE most). Everything about her is no longer top priority. It is amazing what mothers can do for their precious ones.

The downside to being as selfless as a mother is the feeling of desolation.

I fell prey to it. I felt like I'm not a human being who has a self that also needs nurturing, that I'm nothing more than a milk maker.

So how did $15 change my world?

On Saturday following Thanksgiving, we went to the mall and I decided to take $15 out of my pocket ($12 service with $3 tip) to pay someone to groom my eyebrows.

Yup, these eyebrows cost me that much. It might seem a lot just to get these brows to look decent, but those few minutes on the reclining seat made me feel like a human being again.

In that short time, having someone do something for me brought me back to the reality that I am a woman with her own needs and a woman who wants and deserves to be pampered. I am not just a milk maker.

It's been four days since my eyebrows were groomed. I feel the effects of that $15 service slowly diminishing with the looming demands of motherhood and marriage. But I try to hold on tight to that feeling last Saturday when I got off the reclining chair.

I hope it will last until the next weekend.



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