My little St. John

Our church held its annual Christmas play on the evening of the first Saturday of December. It’s the second year that I was invited to be one of the narrators in Act 2 – The Nativity Scene.

The hours leading up to the play was hectic. I had to decorate 53 red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese. It’s our family’s contribution to the potluck dinner after the play.

And then the organizer of the play asked me if Isla could play baby St. John the Baptist because the original actor had to backout.

My initial thought: “What will she wear?”

Later on did I realize that I should have felt honored that the organizer thought of my baby instead of other babies. It’s not everyday that one of us gets to participate in a church activity, let alone play an important character.

It was a short scene, not even 10 seconds long, and you can’t tell that it was Isla in the arms of Elizabeth as they visited Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. But my husband and I were so proud that Isla was part of the play. She was quiet the whole time and didn’t fuss.

My darling Isla, you may have played a baby boy in your first play, but know this – You can be anything. The world has so many things in store for you and, with God’s grace, anything is possible.

St. John the Baptist was a pivotal character in the story of Jesus. He paved the way for and announced Jesus’ coming. Already, YOU are a pivotal character in our family life. You continue to fill our life with so much love and joy.

2015-12-08 17.24.53
Our Isla as baby St. John the Baptist in our church’s Christmas play

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