When mommy is sick

I wish I can call in sick from being a mommy, the same way I can call in sick at work.

Of course, that can’t be.

So today, in the midst of tonsillitis, I nursed her until she fell asleep for her nap. I bathed her and changed her diaper. We had breakfast and lunch together. We played in her playpen. Well, she played in the playpen; I just lay there and took another nap.

She didn’t fuss too much today. I think she knows I’m not feeling well. When she woke up from her nap before I did, she lightly tapped my tummy and my face. At some point, she took a section of our blanket and covered my shoulders! Haha so cute!

Thank goodness my husband’s home from work. And it’s a Friday. I have the weekend to rest while he’s home to help with taking care of Isla.

Sharing a picture of our little girl as she tried to play with the window blinds while I fought back sleepiness.



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