Mommy break

My husband knows how much I’ve been looking forward to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But the thought of bringing a rowdy 10-month old to the cinema is making me anxious. A few weeks ago, he suggested that I go unwind and watch the movie by myself while he takes the reins on Isla care. So I bought a ticket in advance to watch it on Dec 19th.

Tonsillitis nearly stopped me from going. I made sure I was dressed for below-freezing temperature so as not to feel too sick, and left the house at 7 AM. Yup, seven in the morning. It was the only non-3D screening at the nearby theater haha!

I’m really really happy I went through with it despite feeling sick. THE MOVIE IS GREAT (Even when I had TONS of questions AFTER the movie. Only made me more excited for Episode VIII!) Plus, being out of the house on my own, driving myself even if to run errands, is a good stress reliever for me. It’s like a reset button on my mommy program.

I came home 4 hours later to a baby who was too excited to see me that she didn’t cry when I took her sleeping form from her papa’s chest. She looked at me and smiled her sweetest smile. She nursed smiling while we stared at each other’s eyes.

I took a break from being a mom, but was looking forward to coming home and be a mom.

Oh, motherhood.


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