The new-year-new-me cliché

Every year, I keep telling myself on new year’s day – “I will exercise more. I will eat better.”

The eating-better part is doable, and a must, since I’m still nursing our baby.

The exercise-more part is the challenging one. But I promised myself that this year will be the year when I FINALLY go through with my resolution.

So meet my workout buddy – The Fit Girl’s Guide: The 28 Day Jumpstart.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 00.08.45

The ebook is available on their website at It has meal plans and workout plans. They are easy to follow, and the ebook itself is not intimidating. It’s a fun read, actually!

I haven’t followed any of the meal plans. The meal plans are set up so that a fit girl consumes a specific amount of calories in a day. So I’m not sure about following the meal plans while I’m nursing. The recipes, though, look delectable. I even bought the Fit Girls Cook ebook filled with recipes that are not in the other ebooks. The “Stupid Easy Mac & Cheese” sounds yummy AND easy to prepare. Haha!

I bought The 28 Day Jumpstart ebook back in October 2015, but was too lazy to jumpstart my exercise routine. I finally jumped in on January 4th. So far, I noticed that my posture is better. And, mentally, it feels great to have those 30-40 minutes for myself. Plus, there’s a HUGE #fitgirls and #fitsisters community over at Instagram. They’re a fun bunch and virtually boosts everyone’s confidence to keep going.

The first week of the 28-day jumpstart challenge is a struggle. I’ve never been this out of shape! With my #fitsisters behind me (virtually), this will be an exciting journey to becoming a fit and strong mom.

“Rest if you must, but don’t quit!”


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