Me! Me! Me!

Because of the scratch that my baby unintentionally made on my right nipple a few weeks ago, I pumped every 2-3 hours for three days to give my nipple a chance to rest. Now we have bags of milk in the freezer, waiting to be consumed.

Who knew that a painfully sore nipple would give me the opportunity to spend some much needed alone time on a Saturday afternoon? So today, my husband took the reins on Isla care while I spent a few hours by myself.

First stop: Holly Day Spa

This was the first time I paid for an hour of massage in the US. Back home, I can get a 2-hour full body massage for $5 – $10 (Oh how I miss home!) Thank God for Groupon! I found a good deal for a two 1-hour luxury foot massage at Holly Day Spa, an 8-minute drive from home. The guys who manned the front desk couldn’t speak English, except for a few words. After a series of gestures and one-or-two-word conversation and translator phone app, we finally understood each other. One of the Chinese men from the front desk administered foot reflexology and a neck/shoulder/back massage. Man, did I feel great after an hour! The coupon I purchased was WORTH EVERY PENNY! The luxury foot massage was almost like a full body massage. After the masseur gave my feet and calves a good rubbing, the recliner turned into a massage bed and he massaged my neck down to my buttocks! So, yeah, basically a full body massage. HAHA! I have one more session for the same service, and I can’t wait to use it soon.

Next stop: Carter’s and Starbucks

Isla is outgrowing her footed sleepwear. It gave me a reason, nay an excuse to shop. I bought her 4 more footed sleepwear in size 12 months, and a pair of walking shoes coz she doesn’t have one yet. LOL! After a quick stop at Carter’s, I bought a tall green tea latte (no sugar for me) and an egg salad sandwich (which I ate in the van in the parking lot).

Final stop: Grocery shopping

This was my first trip to the grocery armed with a list of things to buy after planning an entire week’s meal. Yes, I do not plan our meals. I just buy meat/fish/poultry, vegetables and other stuff to stock up at home, and just pull whatever’s in the fridge for our dinners. This weekend is different. Inspired by the Fit Girl’s Guide ebook, I planned our meals for the coming week. I found that grocery shopping was easier. And the meal plan helps keep me from putting whatever I see in the aisles into my cart. I think I’m going to keep making meal plans from now on. LOL!

All in all, today was great! I got a massage. I drove around (which I enjoy!) And our meals for next week are all set. I feel pretty accomplished today.

Shoutout to my wonderful husband who let me spend the afternoon by myself. You’re awesome, and I love you more and more!



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