Starting over

I used to be active. I used to run 5km (or 3.1 miles) within 30 minutes. I’ve been nearly sedentary since I got pregnant with our first child (about 19 months ago!). The lack of physical activity made my body flabby, and I noticed that my mental/emotional state is not as great as it used to be.

Starting an exercise regimen with an out-of-shape body and low stamina is challenging. Sticking to it and not quitting is more difficult. It’s easier to sit and browse social media sites or watch TV (while stuffing mouth with junk food). It’s difficult to do push-ups and mountain climbers and tricep dips.

But if I take it one day at a time – one circuit for 30 minutes each day for 6 days in a week – I know I will be better at it. I will feel better, and look better, too!

Here’s to hoping I will be able to stick to this new afternoon routine for the rest of the year!


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