Everything has changed.

I know having a baby changes everything. But I never really thought about what “everything” encompasses until I started planning our trip to our homeland.

When people say “everything changes”, they literally mean EVERYTHING. No matter how much you try to keep baby’s schedule around yours, you’ll realize one day that your schedule has been working around the baby’s. Sure, I have an 8-5 job, and I have a specific time in the day when I prepare dinner. When I think about it, I realized that all that I do revolve around her – I get as much work done as I can when she’s asleep. I squeeze in a few more when she’s ok playing by herself in her playpen. I cook dinner when husband is home from work so someone is with her. I spend me-time on weekdays when she finally falls asleep (and when I’m not too sleepy to spend me-time)

See what I mean?

But I never thought that the changes would go beyond our dynamics at home! From what our aunts told us, an infant under the age of 2 can travel free. Ok, I thought, it will be easy flying back to our homeland this year.


Some airlines require a ticket for the infant even if she won’t occupy a seat. Another airline doesn’t provide child safety seat/harness, so the parent/guardian must bring one with him/her, and it must be FAA approved (it’s not just a matter of bringing the carseat she uses while in our van). And there’s the matter of traveling without her papa. Do we need a certificate or a notarized note that her papa is allowing the travel? I need to do more research!

So, yes. Having a baby changes EEEEVERYTHING.

I don’t know why I never thought that the “everything” wouldn’t just pertain to dynamics at home. HAHAHAHA!


3 thoughts on “Everything has changed.

  1. You usually need a written permission of the other parent as long as he’s on the birth certificate..try to use an airline with baby bassinets. I’m doing this in 3 weeks…will be flying half way round the globe with my 8 month old..sure everyone on the plane will hate me but I think having the bassinet will help a lot! 😉


    1. Yup I just saw on the US Homeland Security website that, although not required, it’s better to bring a letter from the other parent. I’m not too sure about the bassinet. One airline (I forgot which one) said that a baby beyond 6 months old might not be too comfortable in their bassinet.


      1. Yeah different airlines got different bassinet sizes tho. I’m flying with Singapore air and it should be fine..if she really is too big at least she can sit in there for a while..no idea how I could keep her on my lap for 25 hours ..


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