Note to self

Yes, grocery shopping is important.

Yes, the produce and meat/poultry/fish and other stuff won’t put themselves in the freezer/fridge/cupboard.

But please remember that they can wait 10-15 minutes on the kitchen counter. A full breast can’t!

You might not feel your breasts are getting engorged, but you have to remember that you haven’t nursed your baby in over two hours after grocery shopping. Why did you have to wait until after dinner and after giving her a bath to give her the breast?! It would have taken her just 15 minutes to get all the milk, but did you think about that?


You finally realized you were engorged when you felt a lot of lumps around the bottom part. Your baby couldn’t finish it; she was too sleepy. So bear the cumbersome task of spending an hour and 15 minutes to pump.

The next time you go grocery shopping, remember that a full breast cannot wait.


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