Doing something new

Part of this @fitgirlsguide revolution I’m following is writing a goal for each month. For the Feb 8th challenge, one of my goals was to “find the good in every day.” I’ve always been too hard on myself whenever I make mistakes. And when a day doesn’t go according to plan, I bottle up so much rage and I just retreat into myself, letting no one else in. Not even my family.

So I wrote that goal to remind myself not to dwell too much on the not-so-good and focus my energy instead on the good.


Feb 5th.

The Lillébaby Complete All Season carrier, with its lumbar support, helped me put Isla to sleep without the strain on my arms and back. Yey!

Isla’s red bump on her left eyebrow immediately subsided after a cold compress. You can’t tell anymore that she bumped her head on the sofa’s hard base. Yey!

The wound on my right nipple has fully healed. Yey!


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