Today, I had the pleasure of visiting a Barnes & Noble. I haven’t been to a bookstore IN A LONG TIME. Two Barnes & Noble stores close to our home have closed (one of them was about a 20-minute walk only!) Seeing a small B&N store still open is really refreshing. Seeing any open bookstore is a pleasure in itself.

If we have our own home now and have a blank wall, I’d put shelves and fill them with books. Yes, ebooks/Kindle/iBooks are convenient; don’t take up physical space. I can take just one gadget and fill it with an entire library. But smelling a new book, feeling its cover and putting a tape along the front and back covers’ edges are incomparable. If I could, I’d buy a book every month, and buy all the other books I had to leave behind when I moved to New York.

At this point, I can’t do that yet. So I rely on the Kindle app on my phone and iPad. One day, we’ll be able to afford a house. When that day comes, I hope there’s still an open B&N store or any bookstore nearby. I’m going to fill that new home with books!


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